It’s twenty twenty-two.

It’s a new year but barely feels new. I suspect that’s because the world is still run by the same powerful, greedy, and incompetent morons who were running it just last night and for the last two incredibly fucked-up years, in which they ruined not only two precious years of our lives, but literally our lives forever. The life before the pandemic was life, the normal life — life as it should be, life as it was. Life that will never be again. You’d be a fool to think that life will again be normal. The pandemic-stricken life is a lens through which you see and live it, a filter for your memories of life during and after the pandemic. Whether you are a kid or in your nineties, if you experienced life in the pandemic, the life before it is now an irredeemable past. This is a truth, which I hope most of you still prefer.

It’s 2022, but it’s still 2020. This is not over until it’s over. And when it’ll be over, it’ll still not be over. It’s been 2020 since 2020 — one long, tedious year to say the least.

Anyway. My warm wishes to all of you for the new year. May you find ways to live life, always and no matter what.

January 1, 2022