About Ultramarine Diaries

[The About page is WIP, so I’ve added only basic info for now. I’ll make a post about it when the finalized page is live.]

I’m Ashish Gajera and this is my blog — Ultramarine Diaries.

The blog is an ultramarine blue diary, the posts are my entries in this diary. It is my attempt to create art in our increasingly mediocre, artless world. This is also my re-entry into the internet — with my name and all — after being away or in hiding for some years.

My dream is to make this into a blue book of my writings and photographs, similar to the blog. It will be designed entirely by me. 

I can’t wait to hold it my hands. I can’t wait to give it to my mother, to my family, to my friends.

I’ve been entering my writings and photographs — some of which are ultramarine blue, some lesser shades of blue, and some not blue at all — into the diary since the day of Diwali, November 4 2021.

—and this is me in December 2021. I took the selfie in Vashisht, Himachal Pradesh, India and added my favourite mountain in the Himalaya as the background, the mountain under which lies the Rohtang tunnel.

Selfie, December 2021.Selfie, December 2021.