The ideal life.

In this extensively polluted world, where you are living holds much greater importance than how much money you have or any other things. Not all has gone too bad yet and a more excellent life is possible in few patches of earth that have abundant nature and little to no human influence. It is now more certain that places without nature, in spite of the greatest material comforts, can only give you sickness sooner or later.

When I think about this, two facts of my life come to mind:

  1. A consistent and, thus, enduring memory from years growing up in cities is that I was troubled by the city life and the heat, that I was never made for it. Early on I knew too much. I remember school vacations in our ancestral village in Saurashtra, how I never wanted to come back from there.
  2. Now I live in the Himalaya, the most excellent place in all of India. I frequently remember about it as if to remind myself. For it’s a new life, only two years old. I spent most of my life living in the cities, where I never wanted to live. Never again — and I am more certain about this than anything else in my life.

December 9, 2022