Happy trucks.

Last night, I saw two trucks near midnight from my window, on the road at a small distance before my house in Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh. Carrying sand — perhaps the same sand of the bleeding mountains — and barely moving while going up the high slopes of the road to Kalpa. So slow and so careful that the second truck arrived ~10 minutes after the first truck had passed, to ensure no accidents.

They had to drive at the ungodly hour of the night, so that the road will be absolutely clear for them to pass. Considering it all, they looked in pain — the trucks and, I’m sure, the drivers too.

Today evening, I saw them again around 7:15. They were both going down swiftly, barely any distance between them — as if they were one not two trucks. With carriages empty, speeding along the downhill slope, they looked incredibly happy. And seeing them happy made me smile.

August 17, 2022