Born on 13 June.

Born on the 13th of June sometime in the 1980s at about 10 in the night at my mother’s home in a village somewhere in Saurashtra, Gujarat. Thus a millennial owl was born, with a very high IQ but equally stupid, and perfect owl eyes to see the world differently.

It is my birthday today and, therefore, the actual birthday of this blog that I have been transmitting into the world since 4 November, 2021 and proud of it.
The best thing I have created thus far and I will continue to revise and sharpen it like a sword under the hot sun in the Himalaya until the sword metamorphoses into a book.

Here is a portrait at around 1.5 years old when I had recently learned to walk on this earth and gaze at everything around me.

I am sure it was extraordinary — to be able to walk — I am sure I didn’t know enough words to express it.
Words are though never enough — for I still can’t express many things ordinary and extraordinary.

June 13, 2022