Spring is here.

Over the snowy mountains, the white star blazes golden light from a corner of the blue sky. Against the blue sky, a black body in flight. A crow with a soft-yellow morsel in his beak. In such golden light and against the enormous blue sky, there is nothing more luminous than this yellow morsel.

Because it is spring, spring is here.

This Kathiawari bear is out of the blissful hibernation of winter and snow. Brain cells shaking off the fog. New thoughts streaming in with no effort.

Outside and in my crazy brain, spring is everywhere.

The petroleum jelly has gone back to being soft, and my lips too. Gone are the days of snow and it-might-snow, the days of bones stiff under layers of clothes, the days of hibernation — all of which I prefer and love, by the way. Everyone is outside, every little life singing an intensely green song. If someone was still hibernating yesterday, today they are out and busy. Every day is new, every day you bump into someone new.

The sun is out, springing, because spring is here.

March 16, 2022